A Mosaic Dream – Meall nan Tarmachan

Morning.  I am stood at the bottom of an entire massif that stretches in-between me, in both directions eternally. Intrinsically in my mind I consider what I’m seeing instead to be a whole mountain (as humans we have separated mountain into m o u n t a i n s through names yet they are one). I am now about to climb mountain. Not far from where I am stood is a Loch, created from the last Ice Age. And beside me as I’m walking, a mixed woodland of species tangled like a labyrinth.

In order to get here, I have walked through a village that is surrounded and shielded by mountain.  Everywhere from what the eye can see draws you in. Towards the mountain’s textured and overlapping peaks, each peak offering you a pillow in which to lay your head.  Cushioned clouds enwrap themselves around each snowy peak.

I feel my body to be barely awake, as I begin following a man-made track, leading me I hope to a summit.  I am walking steadily through a Coniferous plantation, a few Birch trees appearing around each bend. I feel tired, unmotivated and stop quickly to refuel, sitting on a large rock. Between the straight lined planted Conifers, I notice small streams pushing themselves through each gap, as they continue travelling down towards the Loch. Often, rocks carried in streams begin their journey from the top of mountain, and where they will go? Everything in Nature is a continuous rejuvenating process in which to support life eternally.

Image 1 Ink drawing of Meall nan Tarmachan mountain

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