The relationship between citizen and state has to change at local level. Read my article @TheCommonSpace

Patrick Phillips, writer and artist, argues that the concept of Local Authorities needs to be totally overhauled, including linguistically, so that the relationship between citizen and state is re-born

I HAVE written previously for CommonSpace about how my mother and I were treated at a time of crisis in our lives by the local authority. We were facing an illegal eviction and corruption of council tax payment from our landlord.

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Why are today Profiteers so insistent on the making of a profit? Read my article @ Freedom_Press.


Profitism: ‘The need to feel eternal in sensation is essential to our existence. Hence today’s global tyranny in their quest for eternal profit to feel eternal in sensation.’

Each year there are thousands of books published (still accelerating in number since the financial crash of 2008) that demonstrate clearly how today’s Profiteers make a profit, but never why?

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